Spring Semester, 2015
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Kurdistan

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NEW: The deadline to submit your projects is extended by the Friday (13 SHAHRIVAR 1394) September 4, 2015.


References for Lecture Notes:

Lecture note 4: Ref. 1

Lecture note 5: Ref. 1, Ref. 2, Ref. 3

Lecture note 6: Ref. 1

Note: For final exam, in addition to the main lecture notes; please just consider those lectures that are given by the invited instructers (Dr. Bahramara, Dr. Mirzaee, and Dr. Fathi)

Papers for your presentation:

M. Jami (11, 22); A. Hatemi (13); H. Khoshvaght (23); P. Rashidi (17); A. Fathi (16);

R. Kaiwan (9 ); S. Ganje (15); S. Mohammadi (8); K. Mardookhi (18); H. Hoshyari (21)


1-A Centralized Energy Management System for an isolated MG_2014

2-A Model Predictive Control Approach to MG operation optimization_2014

3-A Novel Frequency and Voltage Control Method for islanded MG using multienergy_2015

4-Adaptive Droop Control Strategy for Load Sharing and circulating current minimization_2014

5-Adaptive Electricity Scheduling in Microgrids_2014

6-An Integrated Security-Constrained Model-Based power management in MG on ships_2015

7-Analysis and Impacts of Implementing Droop control in WT on MG stability_2014

8-Cost-Prioritized Droop Schemes for Autonomous in AC MGs_2015

9-Decentralized Control of Voltage Source Converters in MGs using instantaneous power theory_2014

10-Demand-Side Contribution to Primary Frequency Control With Wind Farm Auxiliary Control_2014

11-Distributed Adaptive Droop Control for DC distributed systems_2014

12-Emission Reduction and Economical Optimization of an urban MG_2014

13-Improving Microgrid Performance by Cooperative control of distributed energy sources_2014

14-Intelligent Identification of Voltage Variation based on IEEE standard for SCADA of distributed systems_2014

15-Investigation of Protection Schemes for Flexible distributed resources in industerial MG_2014

16-Investigation of the Dynamic Stability of Microgrid_2014

17-Kriging Based Surrogate Modeling for Fractional order control of MGs_2014

18-Modified centralized ROCOF based load shedding scheme in an islanded distribution network_2014

19-New Family of Microgrid Control and Management in Smart distributed grids_2014

20-Objective-Oriented Power Quality compensation_2014

21-Optimal Planning of a Smart Microgrid Including DR and RESs_2014

22-Optimal-Nonlinear and Distributed Designs of droop control for DC MGs_2014

23-Power Control and Management in a hybrid MG_2014

24-Transient Performance Improvement of Micro-grid by resistive superconducting_2015


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